Covert Operations

Field Charger

Ultimate Effectiveness for Command and Operation Posts

The Application

Special and specialized forces and law enforcement agencies require silent and reliable off-grid energy supply solutions for mission extension of their covert surveillance and reconnaissance operations.

Energy demand: 300 Wh to 600 Wh/day

Autonomy demand: Up to 3 days for covert surveillance operations.

The Challenge

Establishment and operation of hidden observation posts without being detected is a challenging task and requires long and intense training. For such operations it is essential to use a power source which does not generate visible emissions, detectable odors or heat. The possibility of hiding the power supply and making it invisible in the environment is also important. So far, batteries are the most common off-grid power source for surveillance operations; however, due to their limited runtime, capacity and temperature specification they are often quickly discharged. Heavy batteries often must be exchanged after only 30 hours in extremely critical situations, which can result in high danger for body and life.

The Solution

JENNY ND Terra is a flexible fuel cell system for missions under severe climate conditions. It offers a long lasting energy supply for wide-area reconnaissance, physical protection and covert operations. The fuel cell reliably provides electricity for undercover monitoring and property protection, while producing neither visible emissions, nor detectable odors or heat. In order to make the fuel cell invisible in the environment, it can be buried underground or be operated completely camouflaged. Due to the high energy density of the fuel, the fuel cell will significantly extend the runtime of the devices operated compared to batteries, while at the same time reducing the total weight. JENNY ND Terra includes a 2.5 l fuel cartridge, which offers autonomy for 4 days while running at 25 W.

The Benefits

  • Easily concealed energy supply: JENNY ND Terra can be buried up to 45 cm underneath the ground.
  • Enhanced mission duration: The fuel cell system offers a runtime up to 100 h at a 25 W power output without requiring any user intervention.
  • No signature (aural, IR): JENNY ND Terra operates without producing detectable exhaust and remains undetectable for reconnaissance.
  • Up to 50 % weight reduction: The system is half as heavy while operating twice as long as batteries.

Reliable and energy efficient power supply for hidden surveillance. JENNY ND Terra saves lives by increasing mission duration. JENNY ND Terra is already fielded by leading defense organizations.