Reliable Off-Grid Power Wherever
and Whenever you need it!

Safe use

SFC solutions are environmentally friendly and contain no hazardous components. They all are safety-tested and meet international security standards.

Long autonomy

Award winning technology allows soldiers to transport a lot of power with very little weight and volume. No need to carry spare batteries. SFC fuel cells run on liquid methanol, a fuel with superior energy density. Ten liters of methanol, weighing a mere 8.4 kg, generate 11.1 kilowatt hours. Two 28 liter fuel cartridges can power a 25 watt device for more than 100 days without any user intervention.

Remote Monitoring

SFC fuel cells can be remote monitored. The fuel cell will inform the user in time when a fuel cartridge needs to be replaced. This enables a covert power supply, provides planning security, and reduces administrative and maintenance costs while ensuring that the system will always run reliably.

Lightweight and Compact

All SFC fuel cells are lightweight and compact. Due to their small size, SFC fuel cells can be carried by one single person. SFC fuel cells are interoperable and can easily be integrated into existing systems to extend runtimes.

Quiet and environmentally friendly

SFC fuel cells generate hardly any detectable signature. They are the ideal solution for covert and tactical power supply scenarios, working without detectable vibration, noise, exhaust or heat. SFC fuel cells produce no harmful emissions. In operation, they only emit carbon dioxide and water in small quantities. Thanks to their environmental friendliness they can be operated in nature preserves or inside vehicles and closed rooms.

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