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SFC Energy receives follow up order of the Bundeswehr for portable SFC Energy Network with fuel cell

SFC Energy AG received another follow up order from the BAAINBw office, which is responsible for the procurement of all Bundeswehr material. The BAAINBw ordered additional units of the portable energy network with JENNY 600S and Power Manager PM3G for supplying portable and stationary off-grid power in the field. The total order amount is EUR 1.4 million. The systems were delivered and sales & earnings were reported at the end of 2018.

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SFC Energy receives another Bundeswehr order for vehicle-based and stationary power supplies

SFC Energy AG announces receipt of another follow-up order of the Bundeswehr’s Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technologies and Usage (BAAINBw). The Office ordered EMILY fuel cells for supplying off-grid power to devices on board of vehicles, as well as SFC Power Managers and accessories. The order has a total volume of approx. EUR 1.25 million.

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International defense organization equips vehicle fleet with SFC Power Manager

SFC Energy AG has received an order from a leading international defense organization. The defense organization has ordered the SFC Power Manager as equipment for one of their vehicle fleets.

On board of the vehicles, the SFC Power Manager distributes power from the on-board battery to various different voltage devices. Thanks to intelligent cable coding, the system automatically detects all connected devices and adjusts the output voltage correspondingly. Benefits are a highly efficient power distribution with almost zero power loss, intelligent battery charging, as well as major weight and space savings over vehicle power supplies and on-board battery chargers.

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SFC Energy receives follow-up order for tempered fuel cell products from Asian defense customer

SFC Energy announces the receipt of a follow up order by an Asian partner. Following last year’s success, the partner placed a significant follow-up order for units of SFC Energy products for new defense applications. The total value of the follow up order is approx. EUR 1.8 million.

SFC Energy’s EMILY 3000 and JENNY 600S fuel cells and the SFC Power Manager 3G are used to reliably power border protection equipment, electrical equipment, and mission critical communication systems to some extent at very remote outposts. A first shipment happened in December 2017, completion is expected by the end of March.

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SFC Energy receives another German Bundeswehr defense order, for vehicle-based and stationary power supplies

SFC Energy AG announces receipt of an order of the Bundeswehr’s Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technologies and Usage (BAAINBw) for supplying off-grid power to devices on board of defense vehicles and to soldiers in the field. The order has a volume of approx. EUR 0.86 million and is the second order to SFC Energy by the BAAINBw following the EUR 3.6 million order received on December 12, 2017.

“This is an important order for our Company: Another follow-up order, it clearly demonstrates the many decisive advantages our EMILY 2200 fuel cell system brings to German Bundeswehr missions”, says Dr. Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Energy. “Our highly efficient, silent, environmentally friendly power generator provides reliable power to electric and electronic defense devices in the field – anywhere and anytime, vehicle-based, stationary, or as a battery charger. We are very proud to contribute to more soldier safety, flexibility and mobility with our products. The success of our products in German Bundeswehr applications is a strong positive signal for our international business activities.”

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Details on major order of the Bundeswehr’s Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technologies and Usage (BAAINBw), total order amount of EUR 3.6 million, received December 12, 2017

SFC Energy AG received a major order from the BAAINBw in December 2017, which is responsible for the procurement of all Bundeswehr material. The total order amount is EUR 3.6 million. The order represents the biggest single order in company history.

After first deployment of SFC fuel cells with the Bundeswehr in 2010, the BAAINBw is now equipping additional Bundeswehr units with SFC Energy’s proven portable Energy Network.

The SFC Energy Network is an innovative, fully integrated power solution. It consists of the portable JENNY fuel cell, the SFC Power Manager, a specialized hybrid battery, a solar panel, and various accessories. The flexible high performance power supply enables operation of various consumers, e.g. radios, navigational equipment, night-vision equipment, laser range-finders, portable computers, and PDAs - when stationary and on the march.

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Polaris Defense presents modified high mobility tactical vehicle with EMILY fuel cell

The EMILY 3000 fuel cell by SFC Energy AG is the power generator on board of Polaris Defense’s modified MRZR-D4 high mobility tactical vehicle. As demonstrated during the recent DSEI exhibition in London, the MRZR-D4 is an ultra-light tactical vehicle developed by Polaris Defense for the demanding mobility needs of international special operations, expeditionary and light infantry forces in off-road missions and emerging threats. On board of the MRZR-D4 an EMILY 3000 fuel cell provides sustainable, reliable tactical power for extended mobility and enhanced mission endurance.

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SFC Energy receives German Federal Army order for the extension of their portable MKEV energy supply

SFC Energy AG announces the receipt of an order by the German Federal Army for an extension of the portable MKEV 100 (German: Mobile Kleinstenergieversorgung 100) power supply. The new demonstrator prototype significantly increases energy flexibility and autonomy with an external tank and improved communication functions. The total order amount is EUR 160,000.

With 100 W continuous power the new power supply features four times the performance of SFC Energy’s MKEV 25, which the Federal Army already uses in their missions. As in all fully integrated SFC power solutions, the integrated hybrid battery covers peak power demands.
The new functional demonstrator comes with two portable JENNY fuel cells and SFC Energy’s innovative Power Management. Depending on their individual power demands, users can choose between JENNY 1200 and JENNY 600S fuel cell.

MKEV 100 is housed in a weatherproof case and can also be used underground in undercover missions. Different fuel cartridge sizes can be used with an additional external cartridge connector. This set-up ensures autonomous power availability up to several weeks in a wide variety of mission scenarios.

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New UK partner ZeroAlpha Solutions successfully trials SFC Energy’s fuel cells with UK Ministry of Defence

SFC Energy announces an exclusive new defense industry sales partnership with ZeroAlpha Solutions Ltd., Cardiff, UK, a leading supplier of networking hardware, software and sustainable power solutions to the UK and European defense and security markets.

With their excellent track record as a communications and power systems integrator for the UK defense and security industry, ZeroAlpha Solutions will sell and customize SFC Energy’s portfolio of defence and security power products to meet the specific off-grid power requirements of UK customers in those industries.

“SFC Energy’s fuel cells have successfully demonstrated a true game changing capability to the UK MoD during arduous testing by the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Marine”, says Stewart Burton, Managing Director of ZeroAlpha Solutions. “This technology has clearly shown that it is more than fit for purpose in extending the operational duration of complex vehicle mission systems and dismounted soldiers to equal measures, providing them with a key tactical advantage in the field while reducing their dependency on less efficient legacy power options that fall short of meeting the increasing power demand of our Armed Forces.”

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EMILY fuel cells supply reliable off-grid power to Future Command Vehicle in FFG vehicle kit

SFC Energy AG, a leading international provider of stationary and mobile hybrid power solutions, will present its EMILY fuel cells at the AFCEA trade fair 2017 in Bonn in the FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft mbH concept of "Future Mission Equipment for Specialized Vehicles". This innovative concept introduces a modular approach for the use of state of-the-art systems in specialized, protected command vehicles. The modular approach enables ultra fast and flexible integration of the equipment in existing and new vehicle categories.

In the “Command Vehicle” equipment kit, SFC Energy’s EMILY fuel cell is responsible for supplying autonomous power to the electric and electronic onboard devices. These devices are continuously used for eight or more hours per day. Batteries alone cannot supply the required power. The EMILY fuel cell will produce environmentally friendly power for the on-board systems without ever having to start the engine.

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