EFOY Pro fuel cells

Ideal energy solutions for off-grid and mobile applications.

100% reliable power supply

Off-grid power solutions for various application areas

EFOY Pro fuel cells are the perfect power generator, meeting all requirements for stationary and mobile applications. They are used anywhere solar modules, diesel generators and batteries reach the limits of their capabilities. EFOY Pro fuel cells provide power directly on site in a reliable, environmentally friendly and quiet manner for the safe, interruption-free functioning of the equipment they power. This includes the reliable, off-grid power supply of monitoring systems, BOS digital radio networks as well as the back-up power supply for critical infrastructures.

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On-board power supply
for a team transporter/first responders

Securing a reliable power supply which is independent of the grid is one of the major technical challenges for modern emergency and security services. In light of the increasing electrification of vehicle applications, this issue continues to gain importance.

One example is integrating technology into official vehicles, such as those used by the fire brigade. The technology used in and on the vehicle, such as special signal equipment, fire-brigade-specific lighting equipment and communications technology, requires a reliable 12 V supply.

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Power in every season

EFOY Pro fuel cells provide power in all weather, at all times of the year, in temperatures from -40°C to +50°C, integrated into weather-proof boxes, control cabinets or in vehicles, concealed or underground, stand-alone or in hybrid operation with other power generators.

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